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Ms. McDonough's Music Class: Kindergarten


Welcome to Kindergarten Music with Miss McDonough!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ms. McDonough!

This Week In Music Class...

Weeks of April 12 - 23

Our youngest musicians are working on a COMPOSITION PROJECT, where they are combining MELODY with RHYTHM to create songs.  We will perform our compositions in small groups on boomwhackers.  We can even combine our compositions to make longer songs, and then mix them up to create different songs!


Week of April 5 - 9

This is a VERY exciting week in Music Class!  We are going to begin PLAYING our melody patterns on instruments like xylophones and boomwhackers!  We will work in small groups and perform our patterns together!


Week of March 22 - April 2

To build upon our study of musical PITCH, we will begin taking a deeper dive into MELODY!  We will begin to create patterns of notes and turn them into musical ideas - OUR OWN SONGS!


Week of March 8 - 12

Our youngest musicians are continuing to work on our study of PITCH!  We will be taking virtual field trips and doing vocal exploration to express high and low sounds!  


Week of March 1 - 5

Welcome back!  Kindergarten and First Grade students will begin our unit on PITCH and MELODY!  We will explore HIGH and LOW sounds, and learn how to organize them into musical ideas!  


Week of February 15 - 19

This week, our youngest musicians will be wrapping up our unit on RHYTHM!  We have CREATED and PERFORMED lots of patterns using our new symbols: Du and Du-de.  We will write out some of our own rhythmic patterns, and even explore some music technology in class!  


Week of February 8 - 12

Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 are  working on making connections to musical symbols and SYLLABLES in words.  We will sort winter themed words into groups that sound like "Du" and "DuDe".  We are also performing using hand percussion instruments and body percussion to popular songs!


Week of January 28-29

Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 will finish composing their own rhythmic patterns and create a classroom composition that we will perform on HAND PERCUSSION instruments.


Week of January 18-22

Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 will be composing their own rhythmic patterns using our new symbols:  Du and DuDe!  We will perform them on hand percussion instruments!


Week of January 11-15

Happy New Year!  We are hitting the ground running in Kindergarten and First Grade!  We are beginning to explore the concepts of RHYTHM and MELODY!  Each student will receive their own set of musical flashcards that they can use to CREATE their own rhythms this week!


Week of December 21 - 25

This week is full of excitement all around!  Students will be finishing up their introduction to BOOMWHACKERS, as well as reading/listening to a wonderful holiday story titled, The Marvelous Toy, written by Tom Paxton.  Happy Holidays to all, and see you in the new year!


Week of December 14 - 18

Students in Kindergarten and First Grade will begin to explore a new musical instrument - BOOMWHACKERS!  These long tubes are tuned to different notes of our scale, and together we can play lots of songs!  We will practice playing PRESTO, LARGO, FORTE, and PIANO...and even throw in a festive tune or two!  


Week of December 7 - 11

Students in Kindergarten and First Grade will continue to focus on RESPONDING to music this week, but this week using Art to describe music that is FORTE, PIANO, and also PRESTO and LARGO.  We will even play along with rhythm to some our of favorite holiday tunes!


Week of November 30 - December 4

Students in Kindergarten and First Grade will be focusing on RESPONDING to music this week, focusing in on our words that describe volume:  FORTE and PIANO!


Week of November 23 - 27

This week, our Kindergarten students will CREATE their first piece of music using long and short sounds, connected to the words "turkey" and "pie"!  After, we will perform them FORTE (loud) and PIANO (soft).  We will also use our previous knowledge of "presto" (very fast)  and "largo" (very slow) in our performances!  Happy Thanksgiving!


Week of November 16 - 20

Our youngest musicians have been learning about two fancy new music words - FORTE (loud) and PIANO (soft).  This week, we will sort everyday objects and events into these two musical categories, making a connection between what we see and experience all time time to our study of music.


Week of November 9 - 13

Students in Kindergarten will be continuing to learn about DYNAMICS in music - also known as VOLUME!  We will learn about "Listening Walks", explore more music with different volumes, and also perform new pieces with Body Percussion!


Week of November 2 - 6

Our Kindergarten students will begin their study of DYNAMICS - the volume of music.  We will learn the different music words for loud and soft this week and examine some famous pieces of music that use lots of different volumes!


Week of October 26-30

This week, our students will finish up our unit on TEMPO and transitioning to a new focus on DYNAMICS - the VOLUME of music.  In addition to this, we will also have a variety of Halloween themed activities and songs to perform.  Happy Halloween!


Week of October 19-23

Kindergarten students will be engaging in musical activities that emphasize TEMPO...the speed of music.  We even will explore Halloween themed songs, and stories, like "Shy Little Monster" and "Skeleton Bones"!


Week of October 13 - 16

This week in Music, Kindergarten students will continue their work with the musical element of TEMPO - the speed of music.  We will learn two new music words this week:  PRESTO, very fast, and LARGO, very slow.  We will also become imaginary composers and sort our music into fast and slow.


Week of October 5 - 9

Now that we have a strong STEADY BEAT for our music, our Kindergarten students will be incorporating the musical element of TEMPO into their class.  TEMPO is the musical word for speed of the music.  We will play!  We will dance!  We will listen!


Week of September 28 - October 2

In music this week, we will continue our work with STEADY BEAT and start to perform our steady beats using BODY PERCUSSION - using our own bodies as instruments by stomping, clapping, patting, and snapping.  We will also learn a new song about how "School's a Little Different This Year" using sign language.


Week of September 21-25

This week, students will continue to RESPOND to music through writing, drawing, and movement!  We will also begin studying one of the basic elements of music:  STEADY BEAT.  By using our bodies as instruments (clapping, patting, marching, snapping) we will FEEL the beat and incorporate it into fun activities like "A Ram Sam Sam", and "The Elephant Song".


Week of September 14-18

This week, students will continue to RESPOND to music through writing, drawing, and movement!  We will also begin studying one of the basic elements of music:  STEADY BEAT.  We will also CREATE a new verse to the popular children's song "The Wheels on the Bus".


Weeks of September 2-11

During these opening weeks, students will play musical 'getting to know you' games, and will begin RESPONDING to music.  We will also explore MOVEMENT in music.