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Instrument Choices: Elementary: Home

Choose your own adventure...I mean, instrument!


Welcome to your first step in your life as an instrumentalist! We're so excited that you're interested in being a member of our band or string ensembles. 

Follow these steps to sign up:

1. First, we invite you and your family to view each of the demonstration videos below. Salem High School and Woodbury students have created these great videos to show what the instrument looks and sounds like! Take a tour and find one that interests you!

2. Then fill out the Google Form at the bottom of this page to indicate your interest!

We will contact you in the fall to invite you to our Instrument Rental Night, and to set up your lesson. 

Please read the information below about renting instruments, and our most Frequently Asked Questions about playing an instrument. 

Contact Ms. McDonough,, with any additional questions or concerns. 


Saxophone with Ethan!

Trombone with Jess!

Mallet Percussion with Katie!

Clarinet with Alex!

Trumpet with Tim!


Why Band?

Music and Arts - Rental Pricing

Click Bottom right corner for FULL SCREEN view.

Violin with Jess!

Viola with Julianna!

Cello with Micah!


Can my child take a band instrument AND a string instrument?

    YES!  These programs meet on different days of the week, so they do not conflict.


Can my child also participate in Chorus?

    YES!  None of our elementary musical ensembles conflict with each other.


What if I have financial concerns?

    You should contact Ms. McDonough ( as soon as possible.  We can help!


I have my own instrument/can borrow one.  Can I use that?

    YES!  However, it is a good idea to take a picture or send the instrument info to Ms. McDonough (Band) or Mr. Poirier (Strings) (  first to make sure that your instrument is the best option for a beginner musician.


Can we purchase our own instrument instead of renting?

    YES!  You should contact Ms. McDonough or Mr. Poirier with information on the instrument you intend tp purchase to ensure that it is an appropriate choice for a beginning musician.


When does my child have their lesson?

    Your child will have a Band and/or Strings lessons ONCE per week, during the school day.  Exact schedules will be set in the fall.


What is the expectation for events outside of the school day? (Concerts, etc.)

    Both the Band and Strings programs each have two concerts per year (winter and spring).  Dates will be announced at a later date.

Band/Strings Information Form