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Special Education Timelines 

What are the Special Education Timelines?


The New Hampshire Rules include clear timelines for each step of the process. The timelines are in calendar days, meaning that the timelines count weekends, holidays and school vacations. The Rules state that:


1. Within 15 calendar days from the receipt of a referral, a disposition meeting must be held with the IEP team


2. The school district has 45 calendar days from the date a parent signs permission to evaluate to complete the evaluations and provide the parents with a written report of the results


3. The team has 30 calendar days from the time a child is determined eligible for special education to conduct a meeting to begin writing the initial IEP


4. Parents are to be given 10 days written notice before a meeting (parents may waive this advance notice when warranted)


5. Parents have 14 calendar days to review an IEP. Meetings for manifestation determination reviews for disciplinary reasons require only a 5 day written notice


6. Timelines for parental consent requiring a response within a specified timeframe begin when the district sends the request, not when the parent receives it.

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