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Woodbury School > Guidance > Private School Aplication Process
Private School Aplication Process 

Student or parent brings the part of the prospective high school application that a representative from Woodbury needs to fill out to the Guidance Department.  Once received, the guidance secretary or eighth grade counselor will verify the date of delivery and the student will indicate which teachers will be providing recommendations, if required.


The guidance secretary confirms receipt of application with parent via voicemail or email, and informs teachers indicated that your child will be asking them for a recommendation.  The student can choose to complete the “Teacher Questionnaire Survey” provided to them when they drop off the application in Guidance.  This form is intended to provide helpful information so that the teacher may write a more solid letter of recommendation.  It is the student’s responsibility to inform teachers from whom s/he will be requesting a recommendation.


Teachers complete recommendation, place this in a sealed envelope with their signature both on the letter of recommendation and across the sealed part of the envelope, and return the letter to Guidance. If the recommendation needs to be completed online, teachers will inform the Guidance secretary as to when this is completed.


The eighth grade guidance counselor will complete the guidance portion of the application and gather all required, supporting documentation (transcripts, test scores, etc.).


When packet is complete, it is forwarded to the prospective high school to which the student is applying.


Teacher Recommendation Survey

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