Responsibility & Homework

     Throughout the year I will encourage students to become more aware of their responsibility for behavior, homework & communication between school and home in an effort to begin to prepare them for the intermediate grades.   It is important to establish a scheduled time for completing homework and assist you child in developing a sense of responsibility.

    Homework may be given on a daily or weekly basis.  Your child will need your help with time management.  If an assignment is taking your child longer than it should to complete, just do the odd numbered problems or half of the assignment.  Then write a note at the top of the homework assignment.  Homework is for practice, not punishment.  I’ll help your child with the work at school.

     All homework will be written down on the “Homework Log” in their ‘Homework Folder”.    At the end of the day, students will organize their “Homework Folder” making sure they have their work, papers & notices.  PLEASE take the time to check over all assignments and assist your child with studying.  The “Homework Log” is to be checked and signed by an adult DAILY to assure that the lines of communication stay open.  If the assignment is not completed or you have any questions, make a notation under comments.  I check folders every morning. 


If planning to celebrate a birthday, please consider bringing in fun pencils, other school supplies, a healthy snack or donate a book/game to the class instead of cupcakes or sweets.


      Each day we will have a “Working Snack”.  Help your child choose  (1) healthy snack and drink.  Please provide utensils, as needed. 

    The classroom can get a bit hot, especially after recess.  I allow the children to have water bottles on their desks as long as it does not distract from learning.  If you freeze the bottle, your child can then add water to the ice throughout the day.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Please help your child get back on a school schedule for bed time.  It is especially hard when your child’s involved in sports, I know.  But a good night’s sleep makes your child happy, alert and ready to learn.