Rules and Procedures 

Fenway Park Behavior Board

Each student has a money card.  They earn play money for the class store and/or auctions.  (The store is a weekly visit and auctions happen before vacations.) The Baseball Board dictates how much money they will earn each day.  The amounts & consequences will change as expectations increase.  If a student is not following the school rules, directions, or is acting inappropriately…

  • 1st time:  a “strike 1” card is placed in his/her pocket.
  • 2nd time:  a “strike 2” card is placed in his/her pocket.
  • 3rd time:  a “strike 3” card is placed in his/her pocket. * Student will stay in for recess & fill out a Loss of Recess Form.
  • 4th time:  Office visit

Classroom Rules

  1. Follow directions after the first time asked.
  2. Walk and move safely
  3. Keep hands and feet to yourself
  4. Respect, yourself, others and your school
  5. Raise your hand to speak and listen to others.