Letter to Parents 

Thank You

I would like to take this time to express my gratitude.  I will be spending over 6 hours a day, 30 hours a week, over 1,000 hours this year with YOUR child.  WOW, this is an immeasurable opportunity for your child and I to grow and learn together.  It is this precious gift of time which I sincerely thank you for sharing with me. 

Entrusting one’s child to another requires a cooperative relationship.  Therefore, I ask you to communicate any information which might benefit you child’s academic and/or social success at school.


Need to Talk?

If you have any concerns or questions throughout the year, please do not hesitate to email me @ sgilliland@sau57.org, send in a note, or call the school.  If I am not available to take your call, you may leave a message on my voice mail (893-7062 ext. 42).

However, if your call pertains to the dismissal of your child or any other item that needs immediate attention, you should speak to the office.