Letter to Parents 

To:  Parents/Guardians & Students

From:  Norma Bursaw 

The following are the school’s learning expectations that will be addressed.

Students are able to use strategies for decision-making and problem solving.

Students are able to apply self-management skills.

Students are able to communicate using a variety of methods.

Students are able to work with others.

Students are able to use various research techniques to acquire and process information.

Students are able to read and comprehend.

Students are able to write for a variety of purposes.

Students are able to understand and apply mathematical concepts.

Students are able to understand and apply science concepts.

Students are able to pursue career options.

Students are able to understand the responsibilities of citizenship and community.

Students are able to understand the concepts of a healthy lifestyle.

 Grading is done on a point system.  Multiple choice, fill-in, and true-false questions are each worth two points.  Short answer questions will have varying values.  For example, a 15 question fill-in quiz would be worth 30 points.  The value of homework and labs varies with the difficulty of the assignment.  At the end of the quarter the total number of points that the student has earned is divided by the total number of points possible to obtain a percent grade.  For example, 800 points earned from a possible 1,000 would be an 80 %, or B-.    If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please contact me.  The phone number for SHS is 893-7069.  The extension number for my voice mail is 1274. My email address is nbursaw@sau57.org.

It is expected that students will complete all homework and attend all classes.  All work that is handed in should be of the highest quality. Late homework will receive half credit.  Any absences should be excused.  It is the responsibility of the student to make up all tests, quizzes, labs and homework within one or two days except in cases of prolonged illness.  Excessive absences and incomplete homework will result in poor understanding of material, and consequently, lower grades. 

Students are expected to act in a mature and courteous manner. During labs, students are expected to act responsibly so as to ensure the safety of everyone in the classroom. Students are not to interfere with the learning of others.