Rules and Procedures 

 Team 5 Class Promise

 In Team 5…

We will be respectful to everyone and use kind words.

We will keep our bodies safe and in control.

We will use quiet voices so everyone can learn.

We will look at and listen to the speaker.

We will follow directions the first time.

We will be respectful of classroom materials.

We will use walking feet in the classroom, hallways, and to the buses.

  *During the first week of school, the students and I developed this class promise. It consists of classroom rules, in which everyone contributed to, and then signed, agreeing that they would follow them. I believe that all children should learn to be responsible and held accountable for their own actions. Rather than pointing out a child who is not following classroom rules, I prefer to place more emphasis on the children modeling appropriate behavior and giving them positive reinforcement. If this does not work, and the child continues to show inappropriate classroom behavior, the child will be given a warning. I will then continue on with my teaching. If the child continues to show inappropriate behavior, they will be given one more warning. If I need to speak to them one more time, then they will be asked to leave the group to go and think about their actions. After taking a moment to reflect on how to change their behavior, they will meet with me briefly before they may return to the group. If behavior continuously becomes a concern for a particular child in the classroom, I will contact the parent so that we can develop a plan that is in the best interest of the child.