Rules and Procedures 


Expectations in addition to  school policies:

§  enter room and be seated in assigned seat by the bell, students not in their ASSIGNED seats at bell will be marked tardy

§  3 tardies in a quarter is an office referral, every tardy earns a 15 minute teacher detention which will be served the next day at 7:10am (room 126 ) or 2:15pm (room 126), if you fail to show, you are issued an office detention

§  complete all homework on time and have it out on your desk when bell rings, no homework will be accepted late and be sure to have all of your past homework assignments with you each day as well

§  no side conversations, food, cell phones or iPods are allowed in classroom

§  have all absences excused by 730 am the day you are out, makeup work is not allowed for unexcused absences

§  if you have an excused absence you have 1 day to get work and 1 day to turn it in, if you are absent on a lab or test day you must make up lab/test within 1 week during scheduled days after school

§  if you require extra help you must attend morning help sessions beginning at 7:10am in 126 

 labs and tests need to be made up within 1 week, if student fails to make up work it becomes a zero, it is the student's responsibility to schedule and attend the after school office hours

office hours to make up labs and tests are after school, you will be informed of make up days available on a weekly basis, if you are scheduled you must be in 126 by 2:15 pm 

Tutoring /open question and answer sessions are at 710am each day in room 126

§  if you need to use restroom you must first have permission, only 1 student is  allowed out of the room at a time, you must sign out legibly at designated area with date, time and destination

§  if you are removed from classroom for behavioral infractions or violate terms of safety agreement in lab or classroom  you will be removed from class and get a zero on lab or classroom work

§  more than 1 safety violation you will not be allowed to work in the lab, you are expected to work cooperatively in lab groups and each turn in your own original lab report-NO EXCEPTIONS