Team 13 Homework Policy

Homework has a definite place in the educational process.  It is an extension of the learning experience students have during the instructional day.  Homework is designed to aid the student in achieving classroom and school goals.  Parents can support their child’s efforts by setting a regular time and routine for doing homework, having supplies on hand and by allowing your child to gain confidence in his/her own work. 

Homework will be assigned in accordance to school policy.  Students will generally receive 20-30 minutes of homework per night, Monday thru Thursday.  Homework will not be given on Fridays or over vacations.  Homework will usually include spelling and math practice as well as daily reading.  I would encourage as much home reading as possible, but at least 20 minutes a day.  Either reading to him or herself before bed, or being read to by a parent, brother or sister is an excellent way to build an interest in literature, as well as a calming way to end the day.  With the exception of the weekly spelling packet, assignments will be collected daily and checked.  If an assignment is missed, students may use their recess time to complete it. 

Assignment notebooks are an important part of third grade.  Students must learn to be responsible for their homework.  Each afternoon, I will check to be sure that the students have their assignments written in their books.  Likewise, I will look each morning for a parent signature in the assignment book.  This lets me know that you are aware of all assignments.  If your child had difficulty with an assignment or was unable to complete it for reasons out of their control, please just jot me a note in the assignment book. 

Finally, please contact me if problems arise with the homework or if it is lasting longer than 30 minutes.  I can be reached by email at kdizazzo@sau57.org or by calling the school direct at 893-7059.  Thank you in advance for your help.