Team 13

Everything You Need To Know



          According to the Salem School District, fifth grade students should receive 50 minuets of homework each night, Monday through Thursday.  If you do not have 50 minutes of work, you should read on your own to fill the time. 

      If you do more than 50 – 60 minutes of work and still have more to do, STOP!  Decide what is most important and get that done.  Have mom or dad write a note saying that you worked hard for the allotted time and were still not finished. 

       The only exceptions are if you need to make up band work or make-up work from being absent.  In those cases you may have more than 50 minutes of work to do.


Fun Friday

          Each Friday the fifth grade engages in a structured activity time commonly known as Fun Friday.  In order to participate, each student must earn their time by behaving appropriately all week and completing all assignments in a timely manner. 


Grades, Grades, and More Grades

          Students will be graded on tests, quizzes, class work, and projects.  There is a lot of responsibility placed on the students to keep organized and complete assignments.  Everything will be written in homework notebooks (and checked at school) each day.  Parents should check and sign off on assignments each night.  If students are absent, it will affect their grades. Each school day is packed with activities that cannot be duplicated or made up. 


Parent Involvement

          Parents can email at any time and all volunteers will be utilized.  Parents who wish to help at home but cannot come into school are also needed.  Email is the best way to communicate for any concerns as well.