Salem High School

The Salem High School Math Department is comprised of 15 teachers.  Course offerings include three successful  Advanced Placement courses – AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC.  Additionally, several courses are eligible for college credit through the Manchester Community College’s Running Start program. 

 Faculty Directory

Full NamePhone NumberExtensionVoice MailE-mail
David Beaudoin(603)
Robert Carpinone(603)
Joseph Foster(603)
Diane Griffin(603)
Christine Jefferson(603)
Susan Lillydale(603)
Alan Lord(603)
Danielle MacDonald(603)
Tasneem Mohammed(603)
Gregory Paris(603)
Marran Ranks(603)
Heith Vierow(603)
Glenn Lavallee(603)
Courtney Andrews(603)
Kim Tecce(603)