Salem High School
About Salem High School 

Welcome to the Salem High School website. We hope that you will find our site helpful as you learn more about our school and the programs offered. Our comprehensive course of studies provides significant opportunities for students to undertake an in-depth study of academic and vocational areas, and our extra-curricular programs offer something for everyone. Successful students at Salem High School attend to their academic studies while becoming involved in activities outside the classroom.


Students can advance their academic skills by selecting challenging classes in any curriculum area. One of our significant purposes is to put every student in a position to be able to select any career path after high school. Whether a student wants to attend a college, a two-year technical school, a community college, a university, the military, or to enter the work force directly from high school, we expect every student to have that choice. By providing the right programming and direction during the four years of high school, we can be successful in that endeavor.


A significant aspect of the successful high school experience is involvement in extra-curricular opportunities. Whether your interest is journalism, acting, service to others, health occupations, debate, or athletics we have something for everyone. If a student doesn't find a club or sport to his or her liking, then we have a process in place to get one started! Students are strongly encouraged to become involved in activities outside the classroom.