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Parent Resources: Bus Routes & Parking

Parent Resources

2017-18 Bus Routes by Grade Level


PLEASE NOTE: For SHS students on buses 315, 318 and 325, please note changes to the bus routes as of Monday, Nov. 27, 2017.

The following bus stops from bus 325 will now be moved to bus 315.

Wheeler Ave & Colonial Dr

Hawthorne Ave & Iris Ave

Floral Ave & Hutch Rd

Wheeler Ave & Ashwood Ave

71/73 Wheeler Ave

86/87 Wheeler Ave

Birch Hill Rd & Pinewood Rd

63 Butler St

The following bus stops from bus 318 will now be moved to bus 325

These stops are only in the mornings

Linwood Ave & Barbara Ave

Linwood Ave & Mulberry Rd

Afternoon stop for students in the Linwood area will be Lawrence Ave and Linwood Ave

Although these are the stops that are moved from one bus to another, times for stops that were already on buses 315 and 325 may change up to about 10 minutes (earlier or later).

Please see SHS Bus routes link below for the updated routes.

Thank you

Bus routes for the 2017-2018 school year. For questions regarding all bus transportation, please contact Kathy G. at 603-893-7040. Bus company is First Student, 893-1631

Please have your child out at his/her bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.  If your child's bus stop is your driveway, please have them outside at the end of the driveway in a location that the driver can easily see them. Please note that the times listed are an “approximate” time only.

Note: For students that are on Special Education Transportation, this year's bus company is Durham School Services (formally Provider). Phone number 603-895-9664.

Student conduct on buses

SHS Student Parking


Parking Permits are open to all eligible seniors and students involved in off-site programs. Students must have no outstanding school obligations, meet all eligibility requirements, and must pay class dues ($45.00). Please print the Parking Permission Form and bring in all required paperwork to room V204. The permission form must be signed by a parent.