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Last day of school and fifth graders are learning new material. Lancaster rocks.

Posted by Lancaster Elementary School on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Parent Pick-Up / Drop-Off Procedures, and Footwear 

Making sure that students and staff are safe at all times is one of the most important aspects of daily life at Lancaster.  Remember that the Lancaster driveway is one way, and can not be used from 8:10-8:30.  When the busses are picking up kids at the end of the day, parent vehicles should only be in the upper parking lot.  Please do not use the annex lot across from Taylor Street to pick up your child(ren).  

Also, please remember to follow the parent pick-up procedure for the end of the school day.  When you pick up your child from the building be sure to bring your blue parent pick up pass, get the dismissal card from the office, and leave through the door by Team 7.   Please remember that you should never pull your child from the bus line without following these procedures.

One other safety note is related to student footwear.  As we approached the end of school last year, there were several student injuries, inside and outside of the building, that were impacted at least in part by the shoes that the students were wearing.  “Thongs” and other similar shoes may be fashionable, but are not safe for playing on the playground.  This year students are strongly advised to stay away from these kinds of footwear.  If they are being worn to school, students will not be allowed to play on the playground “events” or run outside.  The diligence of parents in finding supportive and safe footwear is appreciated.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have about any of these procedures.  Our goal is to make sure that all students, staff, parents, and visitors are safe during each busy day at Lancaster School.

You will need a password to open a document that will be here at 10:00.  That will come as a notification (it will look like a text message) through the SSD Parent App.  Download it now at


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