Salem School District


Salem School Board policies are segmented into defined categories. Click here to view an index of how specific documents are categorized.


School Board Policy Book 

BB School Board Legal Status
BCA School Board Ethics
BDA Annual Organizational Meeting
BDA-E Officers-Committees
BDB Officers
BDB-R1 Chairperson Duties
BDB-R2 Recording Secretary
BDE Board Committees
BDF Advisory Committees
BDG School District Attorney
BEA Regular Meetings
BEB Special Meetings
BEC NP-sessions
BEDB Agendas
BEDC Quorum
BEDD Rules of Order
BEDD-E Rules of Order
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
BEDI News Media at Board Meetings
BEE Hearing before the Board
BFE Administration in Policy Absence
BGA Policy Development
BGB Policy Adoption
BGD Administrative Regulations
BGE Policy Disemination
BIA Orienting New Board Members
BID Compensation and Expenses
BIE Indemnification
BK School Boards Associations