Grading and Attendance 




Report Cards & Grading

Your child will be receiving their first Report Card.   Report card grades are based on knowledge of skills, tests, quizzes, projects, reports, homework, participation in class & work quality. 

100-94A,    93-90=A-,    89-87= B+   86-84=B,  

83-80=B-,   79-77=C+,   76-74=C,     73-70=C-,     

69-67=D+,    66-64=D,   63-60=D-   59-0 =F

All D and F grades are to be signed by parents to ensure that you are aware of any problems that your child may be experiencing.  These papers are to be corrected by your child.  Extra help will be given to any child who is having difficulty with a concept.  If your child receives a quiz or test grade that he/she is unhappy with, they may fix that paper for partial credit.

Absent Work

Your child will have 5 days, after returning to school, to make up the work missed.  An “Absent Folder” will be created to collect all missed work for the day.  Please email me or call the school if you would like me to send the work home.