Salem High School
SHS Administration 




Tracy Collyer
893-7069 x5300



Assoc. Principal
Jan Radowicz
893-7069 x5418


Dean of Students
Matthew Barry
A-K, 10-12 (Room 103)
893-7069 x5320



Dean of Students
Jeff Dennis
L-Z, 10-12 (Room 201)
893-7069 x5333



Area Director
Dr. Tracy McCaffrey
893-7069 x5331


Area Director
Brad St. Germain
Math & Science
893-7069 x5330


Area Director
Christopher Dodge
893-7069 x5338



Athletic Director
Dave Rozumek
893-7069 x5322


Director of Guidance & Career Development
Heidi Greenlaw
893-7069 x5306


Special Education
Sheryl Hascall
893-7069 x5318



Dean of Continuing Education
Bryan D. Larson
893-7069 x5317


Food Services Director
Barbara Schultz
893-7069 x5142