Salem High School


Phase II Snapshot
This document outlines the impact of phase II on the Salem taxpayer covering financial impact, safety/security Considerations, quality of educaiton, and economic vitality.

Phase II Details: School Drawings and Floorplans
This document provides an overview of the planned changes at each of the Phase II schools including architectual drawings of additions and renovations.

Overall Project Timelines
This document outlines the overall project timeline as defined in the District's master plan.

Enrollment Changes
This document highlights a 32-year history of increasing/decreasing enrollment trends for the Salem schools.


Renovation Project: Phase II 

In the second phase of its facilities master plan, the Salem School Board is proposing a bond warrant article to renovate Fisk, Haigh, and Soule elementary schools.


The video below describes some of the issues affecting the quality of education at the Phase II schools and details how improvements at the Phase I schools have impacted Barron, North Salem, and Lancaster students.