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Federal Nutrition Standards

Download a PDF of the New Meal Pattern in the National Food Program.

Food Service 

Account Balances

Due to the federal regulations established for the School Meals Program, beginning June 1, 2011 through the end of the school year, student meal accounts will not go below zero dollars [$0.0]. All negative balances must be cleared for the summer audit. Please review your child's lunch account balance and make payment if necessary. All student balances carry over to the next school year.

The My Lunch Money payment option is now accepting online payments. Please note that this service is NOT compatible with the iPad or the iPhone. For error messages or problems with, please contact MLM Parent Support at 1-800-479-3531.


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2013-14 Meal Pricing

   Breakfast Lunch
 Elementary School  $ 0.95  $ 1.55
 Middle School  $ 1.25  $ 1.70
 High School  $ 1.55  $ 2.10
   Milk:  8oz = $ 0.35