Salem High School

Food Service Office

Barbara Schultz, Director
Phone: (603) 893-7077
FAX: (603) 898-0222


To serve a nutritionally balanced meal to our students in a pleasant environment.

About Food Services 

The food service program is designed to provide wholesome and appetizing lunches to district students. School breakfasts and lunches are important in contributing to good nutrition, which is vital to mental and physical growth during the formative years. As such, the food service program operates as an integral part of the total school program.


We have breakfast, lunch, and after school snack programs that meet or exceed the federal nutritional standard of the dietary guidelines for all Americans. A full priced meal includes a combination of milk, vegetable, fruit, bread/grain, and meat or other protein-rich food.

Our school meals offer an inexpensive and established means of improving performance in the classroom. We provide students and their parents a convenient, economical, and healthy alternative for school day nutrition.


Federal Policy Statements


Non-descrimination Policy